Sunday, May 11, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

There seems to be a shortage of websites that keep track of the results from the Everybody Votes Channel on the Wii so we've decided to step up to the plate and attempt to keep track of the EVC using screenshots and salty commentary. The first post (this one) will backtrack a bit and from this point forward, every Sunday, GK will post up the latest results.

On to the screenshots (clicking one will open up a larger version which includes a lightbox/gallery feature to browse through all the screenshots of that particular post):

Have you traveled further than 100 miles to attend a sporting event?
Yes (40.4%) or Never (59.5%)

The results from this question should be easy to analyze. All the pink regions are states which don’t happen to have any professional sports teams in their state: Montana, Wyoming, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and W. Virginia. But hey, wait, there are other states that don’t have pro teams (see interesting map here and here) like Idaho, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, South Carolina, Kansas (apparently the Kansas teams play for Missouri), Nevada, Virginia, Wyoming, Alaska, and Hawaii. Why aren’t these states pink on the map? For some it’s simply too far, other’s its closer than 100 miles, but for the rest we’re just going to assume that they don’t care to root for another state’s team in person because they’d rather have their own! Although, let’s be honest: people in Idaho are definitely too busy growing potatoes to be worrying about sports.

Which leads to more personal success?
Who you know (41.1%) or What you know (57.9%)

Nationally everyone seems to agree that what you know is the key to success. GK is impressed at the lack of cynicism that Americans possess. If you talk to anyone in the business world they’ll all tell you the same thing: “It’s not what you know but who you know!” Perhaps the EVC community lacks a majority of people who have an MBA or maybe the world isn’t as evil as everyone claims it is? Maybe most voters don’t define success as a high paying job and the corner office but a loving family? However it would be pretty hard to apply these 2 answer options to that vision of success. What’s interesting is only 50% of people guessed correctly: so all the cynical people think everyone else isn’t and vice-a-versa?!

If you could fast-forward time, would you?
Yes (46.2%) or No (52.8%)

Everyone seems pretty split on this one. It is, after all, a deeply personal psychological question… or something. The interesting thing to note is NY, NJ, DC, and DE responses. Sure, they aren’t dark pink but they still had a majority of responses in the “yes” category. This statistic is attributed to what we call the GTA syndrome. The ambitious residents of these states regret all the evil GTA-like things they have done in their lifetimes and want to fast-forward to the end of the game where you own all the property and have all the money. Females don’t play as much GTA as men hence the 10% lower results for “yes.”

I’d prefer to live in a house that has a . . .
Swimming pool (54.3%) or Large backyard (45.7%)

Another fairly even split here except for a few choice northern states. Although their populations are too low to influence the national numbers enough to swing their choice into the majority it is clear that people who already have large backyards didn’t get them by accident. On the other front: people in Alabama really, really want a freakin’ swimming pool (indoor preferably.)

Do you prefer rain or snow?
Rain (35.8%) or Snow (64.2%)

People want what they can’t have, or don’t have much of, or just what they don’t have too much of. The map get’s greener as you go further south and so does the temperature and the amount of snow these places get. Coincidence? We think not. You should note that females enjoy rain more than males. This is because of things like the rain scene in “The Notebook.” Yep, that’s pretty much it.

Do you ride to work/school . . .
Alone (50.1%) or In a car pool/bus (49.9%)

What about mass transit? Is that like a really organized car pool? Predictably people assumed this was the case as the Tri-state and DC-metro areas are heavily green with their superb public transportation systems. We here at GK are not as well-versed in the public transportation system of Washington state but apparently it’s good enough to give the state a bright green color on the EVC map! We’re also going to have to assume that a lot of poorer people in Georgia & Illinois are using the public transit system in Atlanta & Chicago enough to sway those states to green. Feel free to chime in with their observations/analysis... this one is kinda interesting.

Which do you prefer?
Cake (60%) or Pie (39.3%)

One word for you: Portal. There will be cake. Oh yea, F you and your pies Vermont!

Would you continue to work if you won the lottery?
Yes (56.1%) or No (43.9%)

Well, well, well… turns out that most EVC users are bat-shit nuts. Why else would over half of people respond “yes” to this question? Why? Are they assuming that the lottery in question is a small jackpot or something? Dream big people. 50 million dollars. How’s that? Will you quit now? Maybe they just read the question wrong. Yea. That must be it. They read it as “Would you quit work if you won the lotto?” That’s how most people assume the question would be phrased anyway. Now it makes sense.

Well. That’s all for this roundup. Check the next post for the latest EVC results and in-depth analysis!

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