Sunday, May 25, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

This week on EVC we explore the phenomenon of the irrationally diverse results map.

I’m better at . . .
Swimming (47.6%) or Running (52.4%)

Wouldn’t it be great if we could say that the states who went pink in this poll are states that have amazing swimming programs or are the homes of the finest Olympic swimmers? It would, but that isn’t the case (Michael Phelps is from Maryland, Amanda Weir is from Minnesota.) This map represents something truly remarkable actually: an absolutely random set of answers. Thinking you’re better at swimming or running isn’t effected by your geographic location. One would think that the southern states have more swimmers because of the weather but apparently the advent and dispersion of the heated swimming pool has eliminated that discrepancy. At lease we’ve learned that females think they are better at swimming than running. I wonder if there’s any truth to that, or do they just like wearing swimsuits more than running shorts?

Lesson learned: Girls like to get wet.

How would you describe your daily diet?
Healthy (48.5%) or Unhealthy (51.5%)

Another 50/50 split. In this day of heightened health consciousness one would think that more Wii users would respond with “healthy.” They are hip and cool and health-savvy, guess not. As far as geography goes let’s just say it’s safe to assume that the Northeast is simply unable to live with any other concept of eating besides healthy. We at gK know that this area of the USA is hyped up on the health-food scene, heck - we are the scene, so that part of the map makes sense. But, why is Colorado, Oregon and Florida pink? Colorado is full of yuppies so that’s that and Florida is full of senior citizen Wii users… obviously. What about Oregon? Must be the hazelnuts.

Lesson learned: Old people like Wii.

Do you believe horoscopes are accurate?
Yes (26%) or No (74%)

Really? A quarter of the EVC population thinks randomly generated blurbs about how your day will go are accurate? And the number is even higher in the most cynical state, NY? We truly do learn something new every week on the EVC, thank you Nintendo.

Lesson learned: 75% of females don’t actually believe in horoscopes and astrology. Wow.

That’s all for our EVC roundup this week. Hopefully you learned something, or maybe more (things.)

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