Sunday, May 18, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

This week on EVC we dive into poorly worded, silly, and trick questions. Pretty much your typical week of EVC.

I prefer to . . .
Save loose change (66.4%) or Spend loose change (33.6%)

So, here’s what happened: most people realized that to actually buy anything other than a stick of gum (can you even do that?) with loose change you would have to save it, thus pink wins this round. But seriously, if it’s loose, isn’t it already saved? Saved in-between your couch cushions and under the seat of your car. Wouldn’t it have been better if they hadn’t used the word “loose?” Sometimes less is more Mr. Nintendo.

Have you ever celebrated National Corn-Dog Day?
Yes (6.7%) or No (93.3%)

I think the numbers speak for themselves. This question is absurd.

Can an elephant purr like a cat?
Yes (29.5%) or No (70.5%)

OK. We’ve figured out what’s going on here. This is a test: a psychological test courtesy of your friends at Nintendo. They’re seeing if people will say yes to a question even if they know that it’s a ridiculously impossible answer to their ridiculously ridiculous question. Come on, elephants purring? What? At least ask us if an elephant can paint. Or how about, are elephants afraid of mice?

Well, guess what. This question wasn’t the typical “no right answer” type of question. Apparently elephants communicate by purring and the EVC was just trying to find out how many us knew that, or thought we knew it. Still kinda whack. Check out all the people who “cheated.” Nice.

(World Poll) Are you doing anything to counter global warming?
Yes (57.6%) or No (42.4%)

Anything sure can be anything with this one. Recycling a soda can or using a reusable shopping bag, so it’s not surprising that “yes” won out. What is surprising is that the USA was at the bottom end of the country list for “no.” Not in the bottom 4 but pretty close to it. What the hell America, isn’t global warming our game? Perhaps people just think they need to do something crazy to “counter” it?

That’s all for this week’s EVC extravaganza. Tune in next Sunday for more inane commentary and post your thoughts and prayers in the meantime.

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