Sunday, July 13, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

Afraid of bowling outdoors? Enjoy green spiders on golf courses? If not, or if so, keep reading to find out what the rest of the EVC population had to say about these crazy random topics!

Bowling or golf? Which is more of an athletic sport?
Bowling (40.8%) or Golf (59.2%)

This question had potential but ultimately it came down to one guy: Tiger Woods. Everyone knows who Tiger Woods is and everyone knows that he is an amazing athlete. Yes, we said it, athlete. Has anyone ever heard of a famous bowler? Let’s be serious, it’s not that bowling doesn’t require a certain physical dexterity but it just isn’t on the same level as golf. The funny thing is Puerto Rico going pink on this one.  They have golf courses there so what is the problem?

Lesson Learned: The Puerto Rico Tourism Company needs to update their website.

Are you making a daily attempt to “go green”?
Yes (48.1%) or No (51.9%)

Wow look at the sudden bout of honesty that has infected EVC. Isn’t “going green” the cool thing to do nowadays? Apparently it is for the blue, err pink, states. The green states have another idea about the whole “world is melting” thing. Isn’t it ironic that the states that aren’t going green are actually green on the map? No? We found it amusing. In any case, either all the hippy states are lying or those other states need to get their act together and recycle a can or something. C’mon guys, it’s not that hard.

Lesson learned: Going green is for wussies.

Do you have any phobias (fear of spiders, heights, etc.)?
Yes (71.0%) or No (29.0%)

Ah, do you smell that? That’s the smell of honesty. It’s a sweet, sweet smell. Everyone is afraid of something, even if it’s something small, and insignificant – it counts as a phobia. What’s funny is males are less prone to phobias? Wait, no, males are more prone to lying about not having one! Hah, suckers. We know guys are afraid of all kinds of stuff, number one on that list is probably the wrath of females, so yea, y’all don’t fool us!

Lesson learned: Most common phobia is arachnophobia followed by social phobia.

We made it! Even with all our phobias and fear of sunshine we made it. It really is some kind of miracle. Whew, and now, off to play some Golf! See ya next week on the EVC roundup here at geeKeWL.

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