Sunday, July 20, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

What do blogging, Spanish, sharing, and attractive people all have in common? Well, uh, nothing –except they’re all topics covered in this week’s Everybody Votes Channel roundup!

At this time next year, blogging will be . . .
More popular (62.3%) or Less popular (37.7%)
Blogging… hmm, isn’t that what this site is? So everyone thinks blogging is on the up and up, everyone that is except for Colorado, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Rhode Island… huh? What’s up with these states and their irreverence towards blogging? Maybe blogging is fizzling out in these states and they’re on to the next big thing: dlogging. It’s a log of what’s on your mind, but instead of writing it you just scan your brain with a brain scanner and it outputs a log of what you have going on inside of your head. Uh, yea.
Lesson Learned: Blogging is still cool.
Which is more difficult to learn?
A foreign language (76.7%) or A musical instrument (23.3%)
Rosetta Stone would say otherwise but most of the EVC population feels like learning a language is pretty hard compared to learning how to play an instrument. Part of the problem with this question was the lack of detail in what kind of instrument we’re talking about here – some are easier than others you know. But, either way, learning a new language is hard, especially for ND, SD, NE, and MN!
Lesson learned: Playing the triangle is easy!
Sharing an entrée at a restaurant?
Rude (18.6%) or Not rude (81.4%)
Thank you! Thank you EVC population! It’s almost like everyone out there thinks that everyone else out there thinks that doing this is rude, but this proves that no one actually thinks that it is – so start sharing! What fun is it to go to an expensive restaurant and not try your companion’s food? That’s what it’s all about! With food prices the way they are it might be time to start getting 1 entrée for 2 people and sharing it like that. It isn’t rude, dig in!
Lesson learned: Females like donating their food more than males.
(World Poll) Do you like having your photo taken?
Yes (46.7%) or No (53.3%)
Irony strikes again. Aren’t the Japanese known for their avid tourism and photography taking population? Japanese people loveeee to take pictures but apparently hate to have their own picture taken! So, next time you see a Japanese tourist – take their picture. Either they will melt, run away, or beat you up – either way it should be pretty fun. In other news it looks like people in South America are not camera shy at all, perhaps even a bit vain? Either way this was actually a fairly interesting topic for a world question, especially considering how close the results ended up being. USA was somewhere in the middle again.
Lesson Learned: People from South American countries are hot!
So there you have it, another action-packed roundup of EVC results. This week we learned that what the world needs most right now is an international blog, written in Spanish, about the best restaurants to share your dish in. Someone get on that!

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