Sunday, June 8, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

Have you ever felt like the EVC National Results map tends to be the opposite of what you might expect it to be? No? Really? This week threw us for a loop!

When was the last time you rode a bicycle?
Recently (45.6%) or A long time ago (54.4%)

So let’s use common sense to guess what the map should look like. Warmer states have more days in the year when bicycle riding would be appropriate / possible thus the lower half of the map should be pinker, right? Wrong! In fact it turned out to be the exact opposite. WTF? Must be all those mountains… or hippies… or both!

Lesson learned: The console of choice for mountain bikers is the Nintendo Wii.

Which are more bothersome?
Mosquitoes (75.7%) or Houseflies (24.3%)

Hey, it’s common-sense-logic-time again! Warmer states have more mosquitoes so they must surely think they’re more bothersome than flies, yes? No. This one was closer but it was reversed yet again. The colder, northern states are darker pink which implies they were more unanimous in their hatred for mosquitoes. This one really is a bit boggling. Here’s our nutty theory: Mosquitoes are rare in the colder states so when one is spotted inhabitants freak out and wage large battles against them because they’re afraid of them thus these people find mosquitoes WAY more annoying than common houseflies.

Lesson learned: No one likes a bloodsucker.

Have you ever used your cell phone to surf the Internet before?
Rarely/never (77.9%) or Frequently (22.1%)

Well, well, well. Apparently us Wii users aren’t as tech-savvy as we pretend to be. Pretty much no one uses their cell phone to surf the net. What happened to all you iPhone junkies? Did you spend all your money on the iPhone + service plan? Woops. The best part is that 50% of people guessed wrong and think that a majority of people DO surf the net on their phone. It sure seems that way. Now if they had included texting as part of “surfing” in this question the results would most definitely have been reversed but as of now we Americans are just way too cheap to surf the net on our phones.

Lesson learned: Most people actually don’t have an iPhone. Go figure.

This was a fun week of curveballs and double-takes on the EVC. You really do learn something new every time you check out the results. The EVC is fun and educational! geeKeWL makes it “funner” and “educationaler.” Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?

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