Sunday, June 22, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

In this week’s EVC roundup we take a look at the deeper side of the poll results. It wasn’t really our intention but the questions were so gosh darn silly on the surface that we simply had no choice but to take it to the next level.

Which is more important to exercise daily?
Your mind (55.4%) or Your body (44.6%)

Well, this one was pretty close… but… last we checked the mind was part of the body. OK, so maybe it was meant in that transcendental out-of-body way, like your being/soul/spirit/etc. Fair enough. If you look at this question that way it gets really deep really fast doesn’t it? Who are we kidding: anything we say about the results here won’t really make any sense anyway… although why are Montana, Wyoming, and Oklahoma so enlightened?

Lesson learned: Mind over body. I think therefore I am. Mind FTW.

A friend tells a lie, and you’re asked to confirm their story. Do you . . .
Lie for them (45.7%) or Tell the truth (54.3%)

This is great. It really is. There just isn’t any other way to describe this question and the obviously region-centric results that it generated. People from New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are the only three states where a majority of the EVC population would lie for their friends. Surprisingly NJ is not part of this list. gK, being based out of this area would like to take a stab at explaining why. Why? Hmm… we’re godless. Wait, no, we’re loyal. Is it possible to be loyal and immoral? In the northeast – it is. On the flipside why is the rest of the country so unwilling to help a buddy out? Cold man, cold.

Lesson learned: Never trust anyone.

A picture is . . .
Worth a thousand words (58.6%) or An eternal moment (41.4%)

Really? An eternal moment? This was a national question wasn’t it? Who on earth uses that term to describe a picture? Isn’t that just another way to describe a picture? Like, if an alien landed on Earth and asked you what a picture was you would try to explain it to him by saying “Oh, a picture is an eternal moment. Captured on a piece of paper, which is like this really thin slice of wood, which comes from trees, which grow on the ground, which is made of dirt, which…,” you get the idea. So once again, a simple little question becomes so much more. Nintendo isn’t asking us what we think a picture is because we all agree on that. They’re asking us if we like to refer to pictures in a sentimental kitschy way or in a boring dictionary-like way. Deep.

Lesson learned: We love us some sayings.
“It is better to be quotable than to be honest.” – Tom Stoppard

So that’s all for this week’s EVC round-up. I hope everyone feels the same way we do about the EVC and how deep and enlightening these results truly are. They are powerful, spiritual results to live life by – or not.  

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