Sunday, June 29, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

This week on the EVC roundup we learn about the presidential candidate’s fates, perspective and reality, and are treated to a little bit of Dickens. Talk about a potpourri of topics!

Do you feel we’re living in . . .
The best of times (51.4%) or The worst of times (48.6%)

Whoa, whoa, hey now Nintendo… don’t go whipping out the Charles Dickens quotes without a little bit of warning first. This one was heavy man. It did get us wondering why the green states think we are living in such troubling times. Does it have to do with military enrollment population in those states? The statistics don’t really support that theory – although they are interesting none the less. So what’s up Florida and Maine, why so bitter? Alaska is looking a healthy shade of pink, maybe you guys need to take a few pointers from them!

Lesson Learned: Some people wish they were alive during the French Revolution, say wha’?

Which do you think there are more of in the world?
Dogs (50.6%) or Cats (49.4%)

Close one, eh? But, this isn’t exactly an opinion based question. More like one of those “let’s see what you think the real answer is” questions. Well, maybe not so much, since supposedly no one knows the true number of cats or dogs in the world. There is however a statistic for how many pet cats and dogs exist in the USA, and cats take the edge on that one according to this little tidbit from Time Magazine – oh wait, it’s from 1953, WTF???

It is interesting to see the split between the warmer/colder states again in another poll. Perhaps cats are a more popular pet in the north and dogs are the pet of choice in the south? We truly do learn something new every weekend from the EVC.

Lesson learned: Knowledge is more about personal experience than universal truth.

Are political debates  . . .
Intriguing (31.8%) Boring (68.2%)

Even though 30 percent of people claim that political debates are interesting you’ve got o figure that at least half of those people were voting with someone else in the room and just wanted to look smart so they voted pink. It’s pretty much a unanimous decision – debates are boring. So what is to be done? It’s high time for the old-school political debate to evolve into something more modern. It would be something edgy and fun, perhaps with gladiators and video games making an appearance to spice things up. How about a physical challenge in between each round of verbal debating?

Lesson learned: McCain doesn’t stand a chance!

That’s all she wrote, she being Nintendo, and he being us here at gK. What are we talking about? Who knows. Sorry this was posted late!

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