Sunday, June 15, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

In this week’s roundup we learn about a future war that may break out in Europe between two regions which have very strong conflicting convictions about plant life and other miscellaneous silly business.

A glass half full, or a glass half empty?
Half full (71.1%) or Half empty (28.9%)

Aren’t we an optimistic bunch here in the good ‘ol US of A. Yes indeed. How nice. This is just a shot in the dark but are these actually the statistics of how many EVC users are voting with at least one other person (pink) versus voting alone (green)? That’s a bit cynical, huh? OK, ok… we’re just a happy bunch. Fair enough. Although there is one other thing: the dead-dinosaur factor. See chart below for details:

Lesson learned: Dead soldiers in Iraq may not make you sad but dead dinosaurs will.

How many digits of Pi can you recite?
Five numbers or fewer (68.8%) or Six numbers or more (31.2%)

Liars. That’s what those 31 percent of people are. Did they even check? 3.14159.. umm.. that’s only five. People actually know what comes next? Don’t most people only know 3.14? Maybe they were thinking of digits of pie. What the heck are those though? Is that, like, how many digits you use to pick up a piece of pie? Wait, but that’s also 5 or less, unless you have a mutated hand or use 2 hands to eat pie. Whoa, that was a random tangent. Anyway. At least females are a bit more honest here. Yeesh.

Lesson learned: Men don’t ask for directions because men know all maps by heart.

Do you still own a record player?
No, what’s that? (68.7%) or Yes (31.3%)

Yea, what is that? Is that what they were asking? If we know what a record player is, or if we own one? And what is a record player anyway? Might as well just ask us if we own phonographs. It’s technically feasible. The map is fairly irrelevant and the question is fairly silly but thanks for playing.

Lesson learned: 30% of people are junk collectors. Nice!

(World Poll) Do you have plants?
Yes (74.0%) or No (26.0%)

Hey Japan, scared of horny-tentacle-monster-plants much? That can’t be it, right? Those monsters are squid-like anyway. Maybe they just think that calling a Bonsai tree a “plant” is insulting, or whatever Nintendo ended up calling it on the Japanese EVC. May they just don’t have room for plants in Japan; with all the sleeping in quadruple bunk beds and such space must be reserved for humans only. We’re not quite sure what’s going on in Japan but it is quite interesting. Check out all the Germanic countries and their love for plants, what’s that all about? Oh and all the Scandinavian countries are down there with Japan and their hatred for plants, but at least they have an excuse: it’s too cold to take care of houseplants (or something.)

Lesson learned: The war of plants will be fought between DE, AT, LU and NO, SE, FI – otherwise known as the ATLUDE/FINOSE Conflict.

Well, that’s all for this week’s geeKeWL EVC roundup. We hope you had fun because we sure did. What side will you fight for in the ATLUDE/FINOSE conflict? How many digits of π can you recite? How many pixels make up a 12pt Arial type non-antialiased version of pi? First person to comment with the correct answer gets a prize.

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