Sunday, August 17, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

Messin’ with minds: a past-time here at geeKeWL and apparently a national sport in a country from this week’s EVC World Poll.

Feeding a dog from the table is . . .
A bad idea (63.5%) or Fun (36.5%)
Really Colorado? It’s not a bad idea to give your dog human food? And why is that? Is it the thin air that somehow makes it more acceptable? All the other states think it’s a bad idea but somehow you guys know the secret to feeding a dog from the table and not having it jump up on the table the next time you’re eating dinner. OK, ok, we don’t really know what we’re talking about here but it really does seem like a bad idea…
Lesson Learned: People in CO like dog drool in their SpaghettiO's®.
Do you know who is buried in Grant’s tomb?
Of course! (38.9%) or Huh? (61.1%)
Wait, what? 60% of people don’t know who is buried in Grant’s Tomb or is it that they’ve never heard of Grant’s Tomb? Isn’t this like the de facto question you ask someone to see if they are a complete moron? Isn’t this one of those “where do you bury the survivors?” types of questions? OK, so Grant isn’t really buried there, he’s entombed there, what the F. If Nintendo is going to play this game with us at least make both answers really obvious so we can infer something from the results. “Huh?” is not exactly a straightforward antithesis to “Of course!” so this question is kind of problematic from the get-go. Oh well.
Lesson Learned: Julia Boggs Dent was hot. OK, not really.
How do you feel about skydiving?
Sign me up! (51.3%) or No Way! (48.7%)
Well this was actually pretty close but the map is freakin’ hilarious. Apparently there’s a pocket of states near Kentucky that are totally against skydiving. CT and NJ are also wussies – along with NYC if it weren’t for the rest of the state we bet. Weird. Females are more scared than males – guess that is pretty normal. The pockets of green are really the curious statistic to come from these results, very interesting.
Lesson Learned: What happens if you’re skydiving and a tornado hits? You’re f**ked that’s what!
(World Poll) Do you like horror movies?
Yes (48.2%) or No (51.8%)
Yes! Woo! This one is good. Really, it is. OK, take a look: Japan is at the bottom of the “yes we like horror movies” list yet they are probably the largest exporter of such movies. Cowabunga mate! Why do their directors insist on making so many horror movies if the Japanese population doesn’t enjoy the genre? Seriously, someone make sense of this for us. On the flipside we have males outnumbering females by a solid margin on the enjoyment of such movies and that pretty much makes sense since everyone knows the best kind of movie to take a girl to see on a date is a horror movie… winky face!
Lesson Learned: Japanese people are messing with our minds!
There it is. This week was pretty blasé all in all but had its highlight moments. What the hell are we talking about? It’s just a bunch of EVC results not a blockbuster movie. Damn we are full of it over here aren’t we?

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