Sunday, August 24, 2008

Everybody Votes Channel - Results

Do you like to take turns? You know, gas pedal then brake pedal, then gas pedal again. How about when you were eleven, were you more likely to enjoy board games or games like Hungry Hungry Hippos? Well, read on to see if you’re the only one.

Which do you use more often to communicate?
E-mail (44.3%) or Text/instant message (55.7%)
So it isn’t too surprising that people prefer instant interaction versus the “turn-based” method of communication that e-mail provides. No, that isn’t a surprise to us since we’ve always considered e-mail sort of an over-hyped version of snail mail. What is shocking is the 6 random states that prefer it! Really, could there be a more arbitrary sampling of pink states on the results map? Maybe they need more time to think of responses in those states.
Lesson Learned: Conspiracy theories are still in play: what shape does it make if you connect all the pink states on a real map? Coincidence?
Do you remember your 11th birthday?
Yes (44.7%) or No (55.3%)
Um, no. Anyone who says yes is either lying, or had a really bad experience and remembers it. What is so special about becoming 11? Why would anyone have a memorable birthday? No, we aren’t jaded – just realistic!
Lesson Learned: Puerto Rico lies so hard.
When driving, which do you use more?
The gas pedal (79.9%) or The brake pedal (20.1%)
Well this is overwhelming now isn’t it. On one hand it’s nice to know that most people aren’t futzing around with their brake pedal. It’s there to stop you but when you see someone constantly riding it around every turn it makes us wonder where they learned how to drive – if at all. The other side is that maybe people are driving a little too fast? No? Maybe? Nah.
Lesson Learned:  It would have been awesome if Florida was green. So awesome.
Green map, green map, pink map. Two to One. What? Oh we don’t keep track of stuff like that. We should though, shouldn’t we? It would be fun to just keep track of random statistics. Maybe we’ll do a random statistics roundup one day!

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